Voice Masters

Singing for Animation Level 1

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Taught by Top Pro Level VO Talent  

For the actor/voice-over actor who is looking to compete at the highest level in voice-over for animation. Get ready to work!

4 Weeks: Oct. 17, 24, 31, Nov. 7
Tuesdays 7pm - 10pm PST


What We Will Cover:

  • Develop advanced performance skills for animated tv shows, films, games, and beyond
  • Hone and develop advanced original characters for your demo reel, agents, and competitive auditions!!
  • Hone your special skills/accents and what makes you unique on the mic to stand out and book!
  • Develop insight knowledge on the industry trends and work on current copy from tv shows and films
  • Learn how to combine your character technique with your musical abilities to develop strong songs in character, expanding your range and booking abilities!
  • Learn how to develop relationships with casting directors, producers, writers, and more in the animation field!
  • Expand your competitive tool belt with tips, tricks, and experience working with the pros
  • Grow your confidence to become the best voice-over artist you can be, with the ability to work with anyone in town, to tell incredible stories through your voice, and to shine your light sharing your gifts with the world!
  • Learn to master the art of Pitch, Tone/Timbre, and Pace
  • Develop the connection between speech and singing
  • Create musical animation characters
  • Learn the correlation between our musical senses and the honing of our animation characters.
  • Improve access to your vocal registers and when to use them
  • Expand your vocal range
  • Take better care of your voice

Work with the masters and become your own voice master!​

Additional Information:​
Prerequisite: completion of Animation Level 1/2 (or instructor approval)
Class Size Limited To 8
Will be conducted via virtual zoom classes

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