Voice Masters: The Art of Voice

Voice Masters: The Art of Voice's goal is to teach, support, encourage and give groundbreaking training to actors in the art of Animation, Commercial, Audiobooks, Dubbing, Business for Voice Actors, Singing for Animation, Corporate Narration/E-Learning, Improv and just about anything a voice actor needs for success. Our founding members, Paulette Lifton and Mimi Maynard are award-winning working professionals as voice actors, casting directors and voice directors of animation series and theatrical feature films.

When we launched Voice Masters: The Art of Voice becaus we wanted to really change how actors are taught in this art form. We wanted our students to learn real life skills in the voice business. Some of the practical experience they receive are practicing sync to picture, learning efforts, honing idiosyncratic behavior, singing as a tool, being competitive without competing, create stand-out characters for their demo reel, understanding the audition process and setting up their own recording studio (no matter the budget). We pride ourselves in always have one-on-one coaching with each student on multiple characters and voices along with extensive weekly voice homework as well.

The Voice Masters community of actors has gone beyond our expectations! Life-long friendships, support teams, practice buddies and cheerleading support for fellow actors are the norm in our community. We do NOT believe in competition between our students. We believe that the only actors competition is themselves – to be the best they can be creating a safe space for everyone to win in their own way. 

Mimi Maynard

Award-Winning Producer and Actress.
Casting & Voice Director. Dubbing voice director. 

Ms. Maynard is a voice and casting director of her six 3D theatrical animated features she produced for Studio Canal, Summit and Lionsgate with her films winning Best Feature Film Cartoon and the Trophee du European for animation. Ms. Maynard handled the Celebrity casting, voice direction and development on all her films. Independently, she cast the feature Son of Bigfoot. As an actress herself, she won the ACE award and starred in many studio feature films. Her looping career includes, Zootopia, Frozen, Spiderman, and Desperate Housewives. She has been voice coaching actors for over a decade who have booked major commercials, starring roles and television series

Paulette Lifton

2x Emmy Winning
Casting & Voice Director
Producer & CEO of Oracle Sound and Voice

Ms. Lifton, is a multi-Emmy and MPSE winning Sound/ADR Supervisor on shows like Kung Fu Panda, SpongeBob Squarepants and Blue Eye Samurai. She was Co-Producer and Casting Director of the animated series, Spy Kids: Mission Critical for Netflix. Ms. Lifton was also the casting and voice director on multiple animated and live-action features for Netflix, Amazon and Starz including the Academy Award-nominated films Lion and Carol. She casts and directs the Audio Description and Spanish dubbing for Yellowstone, 1993 and 1883 shows on Paramount.  She voice-directed some of the top actors in the business; Meryl Streep, Ed Norton, Jim Gaffigan, Julie Andrews, Kate McKinnon, Elle Fanning, Nat Wolff and Mel Brooks.

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