Voice Masters Demo Reels

We consult, voice direct and produce the best demo to showcase your talent, attract the right reps for you, and show casting what you bring to the table. As casting, voice directors and producers ourselves, we know exactly what pops in reels, and how to showcase your unique strengths and abilities. We record 60-90 second reels with approx. 8-10 characters/voices to showcase your range.


Two easy payments of $750. Pay $750 now and $750 in 8 weeks.

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How We Work:

Step 1 – One-On-One Script Consultation & Preparation

We first sit down with you and consult with you on what you want to highlight in your demo reel. Together, we then go over and select scripts that showcase your strengths. You are free to bring your own copy and material of your own as well. We will then go over your scripts and breakdown the copy and characters.

Step 2 – Recording

We will work together to record the material selected, and give our expert direction and coaching in about a two-hour recording session to bring out your best reads for your demo that you are happy and confident with.

Step 3 - Editing, Mixing, Sound, All Post Production

We then choose your best takes of each script, and cut these into professionally produced spots with full production including editing, sound effects, and music, achieving the optimal showcase of your work for each spot and character.

Step 4 - Final Demo

Upon completing any necessary editing and mixing revisions, your voice over demo reel is complete! We will send you digital audio files of the finished demo, as well as a CD copy.

Β Any additional coaching will be billed at an hourly rate of $125/hour.

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