Meet Paulette


2x Emmy Winner! Voice Casting & Director, Animation Producer and ADR/Sound Supervisor 

Paulette Lifton's approach to coaching not only takes on the task of training actors to find their characters and/or voice, but is also a Voice Demo Producer. She will develop a personal plan for you for Animation, Video Games and/or Commercials that fits your exact needs.

Some of Paulette's credits include SpongeBob Squarepants, Bob's Burgers, Beavis and ButtHead, Avatar the Last Airbender, Penguins of Madagascar, The Loud House, World of Warcraft, and much more! Having won multiple Emmys in sound, Paulette loves to help actors set up their own recording studios and teach them the tips and tricks to record the absolute best takes.

Paulette has been in the TV and Film Biz for over 2 decades and owns Oracle Sound and Voice ( Her career ranges from Feature Writer/Director/Editor, Animation Producer, Sound Supervisor, Voice Casting and Voice Director. 

Having directed 4 feature films selling to Showtime and HBO, and as a voice casting agent and director, she handled the animation & dubbing content for the Weinstein Company, Netflix, Paramount, Viacom, DreamWorks and co-produced an animated series for Netflix. She has also cast and voice-directed multiple films from around the world along with TV shows in Spanish including the hit series YELLOWSTONE, 1883, 1923 and Lioness for Paramount and the Academy Award-nominated films Carol & Lion.

Paulette offers a free 15 minute evaluation of your coaching needs - email


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