Meet Mimi


Award-Winning Voice Actress, Star of "Spy Kids: Mission Critical," on Netflix, Seth Green's Camp WWE, and more! 


Mimi Maynard is no stranger to the Entertainment Business.  She is an award winning actress who has done a plethora of Television, Film, Commercials and Voice Overs. 

She has been Producing Casting and Voice Directing animation for the last 15 years, and privately coaches hundreds of actors in voice over for animation, commercials, radio, video games and more.  Some of her animated credits include, Fly Me to the Moon, Sammy’s Adventures, A Turtle's Tale, Escape from Paradise, Thunder and the House of Magic, The Wild Life, Son of Big Foot, and Leap. This gave her even more impetus to coach more actors on how to interpret and perfect their own unique voice and learn how to carve out characters for the animation world.

Mimi is very specific on how she coaches actors privately as she believes it's about learning how to “emote” with your voice. She is also a specialist in accents, dialects, interpretation of characters and vocal performance. Mimi has privately coached many actors throughout the years and gives them a complete understanding on how to “master your voice.”


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