At Voice Masters, we treat voice casting as a creative partnership between the client, the actor and the script. Our primary goal is always to make sure we find the right actor for the role that will be seen by thousands, if not millions of viewers.  We take pride in finding unique actors for each character that lend themselves to the project in a way that resonates with the viewer and blends seamlessly with the rest of the cast. Our relationships with Agents and Managers, along with our detailed notes and suggestions are paramount in our casting process.


The result of our dedicated process is an organized selection of some of the best talent in the industry. Our clients have come to depend on us during the casting process and know that we will be able to help them find the perfect voice for their project.


We specialize in casting only the best talent in all languages for Animation, Trailers, Audio Books, Live Action, Features, Commercials, and more. 

Looking to cast your project? Contact Us!


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