Voice Masters

Ongoing Business of Voice Acting

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Taught by Voice Masters: Paulette Lifton & Guests

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For the actor/voice-over actor who has taken The Business of Voice Acting and wants to continue with their goals with support, mentorship, and a good kick in the butt! 

Thursdays  -  2 x's a month  - Week 1: Oct. 26, Nov. 9 

Time: 6pm - 8:30pm PST - Class size limited to 8 people

COST: $195 

*Pre-Req's - The Business of Voice Acting Class 

What this class includes:

Continued deep dive into all the tools and techniques you need on the business side of voice-over. 

  • Further delve into different voiceover income streams, from pay-to-play, breakdowns, casting sites, etc. 

  • How to expand an outreach and follow-up plan for the perfect rep for you!

  • What to expect when you get a possible option with an agent/manager and how to prepare.

  • How to refine the perfect online presence, from website to social media.

  • How to sustain an impactful marketing campaign.

  • Being accountable to your personal career goals for yourself and the class. 

  • Effectively maintain momentum toward your long-term goals. Homework given in class with tasks that need to be completed by-weekly.

Work with the masters and become your own voice master!​


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