Funny Commercials



1ST SHOE: Sparkling Glitter Chunky Heels  

2ND SHOE: All Terrain Durabrasian Rubber Runners

3RD SHOE: Italian Pink Comfort Suede Flats

TAG: Come see what the shoes are all about at NORDSTROMS


Want the perfect present? Buy me! Over here!  Elf on a shelf! Don’t you love my gold-embellished tulle party dress and rhinestone fur cape?


Dove Chocolate

I make every day count, I sing, dance, laugh and oh, yes, don’t forget chocolate. Dove chocolate, live each day as if it’s the only one.



Soap for men? Yes, men who build things, men who open the pickle jar on the first try. Isn’t it time you upgrade the soap your mommy gave you? Subscribe to Dr. Squatch today and find out what smelling good is all about.


Your wife is hot. Be the man she married and get a new Air Conditioner.. Whirlpool AC… Designed to Delight.


AAAAHHH! (GLASS BREAK) What the heck are you doing? (STRUGGLE, little squeaky sounds) Don’t take my car! (SOUNDS OF WATER) Oh! You’re washing it…it’s so shiny! Thanks little uh, candy people. 

TAG - IRONIC VOICE: Sour, then sweet, Sour Patch Kids

Grounded Commercials - MALE OR FEMALE

Upbeat  :30

At Target, we believe in making memories last. In doing our part for the planet. In celebrating every victory. In the power of teamwork. In creating a brighter future. So you can confidently step out and shine your bright light. Go on and strut your stuff. We believe, in you. 

Cool/Conversational  :30

Some things just go better together. Peanut butter and jelly. Burgers and fries. Coffee and donuts. Introducing McDonald’s new crispy chicken and waffles. Tender, crispy chicken breast paired with a light and fluffy waffle drizzled in that sweet, sweet maple syrup. Because why choose only one when you can have both? *McDonalds jingle* 

Promo TV Drama  :15

On the next NCIS LA: She has a secret. He has a motive. Both are running out of time. Catch an all-new NCIS LA next Sunday, or stream anytime on CBS.

Promo TV Comedy  :15

Just when you thought being a teenage girl was hard enough, try having this guy for a dad. Jamie Foxx stars in “Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!” Streaming now, only on Netflix.

Expert Bank Commercial :15

It’s easy to keep your eye on the future when you have a financial adviser who is as focused on you as they are on the markets. Ameriprise Financial. 

Warm/Mom Commercial :15

You are beautiful, you are funny, you are kind, you are perfect! Imagine if we saw ourselves the way our babies see us.  Share the love at

Cool/ Conversational Commercial :10

Imagine a car that just plugs in, drives itself and takes messages for you...from anywhere. That’s us, that’s Tesla.  

Upbeat Young Promo :15

The ultimate showdown is here. We invite you to smash your rivals off the stage. Push them to their limits in SUPER SMASHERS ULTIMATE!!!!

Upbeat Commercial :15

I am a person who likes BINGO, but I don’t like surprises, so when Spectrum told me their fees are what they are, “period end of story”, I said “BINGO!” FINALLY no surprises.  

Warm/Caring Commercial :30

Our people are our strength. Even in these challenging times we are delivering medical supplies, test kits, and the things you need everyday. Helping the world to move forward with commitment and dedication. That’s us. That’s FEDEX. 

Sincere Commercial :30

We help people move to new places across town with 15 million rides and deliveries a day. Freedom for people of all walks of life in hundreds of cities across the globe. We are here for your day or nite…anytime you need to connect to the world. We’re UBER and we are here for you.




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