1. MIDNA (Strange, dark creature with her own agenda)

"Some call our realm a world of shadows, but that makes it sound unpleasant...The twilight there holds a serene beauty...you have seen it yourself as the sun sets on this world. Bathed in that light, all people were pure and gentle...But things changed once that foul power pervaded our world..."

2. MARLOWE (English leader of an over 400-year old Hermatic Order. Ruthless and manipulative)

"Same cocky little shit. So fearless. [chuckles, then draws a hidden knife) I wonder what you're really afraid of. [holds the knife against Nate's face] Not bullets or blood or broken bones. No, you get off on this, don't you? Cheating death... [spots Sir Francis Drake's ring on a cord around Nate's neck] ...or not."

3. IVY VALENTINE (Considered evil due to her Machiavellian appearance. Beneath her cold demeanor is a heart that wants freedom)

"Understand this, demon, your vengeance means nothing to me. Those who gets in my way won't deserve any mercy from me, whether human, demon, Malfested or otherwise!"

4. CHUN-LI (Kick ass character who is an expert street fighter)

  • “Alright, 'Iron Fist.' Let's see what you got.”—(intro)
  • “Guess you're a sucker for a pretty face.”— (match win)
  • “You're under arrest! I'm taking you to jail!...or an animal shelter.”—(victory)
  • “I'm sorry about your face, but that doesn't give you the right to carry illegal firearms.” —(victory)

5. COMMANDER SHEPARD (Cruel, brutal, and militant and operates in a ruthless and callous manner)

"Maybe you’re right. Maybe we can’t win this. But we’ll fight you regardless. Just like we did Sovereign. Just like I’m doing now. However insignificant we may be. We will fight! We will sacrifice! And we will find a way! That’s what humans do!"

6. FAITH CONNORS (Hard, cynical and not terribly communicative. She wants to be left alone and untouched.)
   1. (Sarcastic) “It’s not news anymore. It’s advertising. 2.(After disarming somebody) “If you shove a gun in my face again, I’ll kill you.”3. (in a sarcastic, self-mocking tone): “Wanna bet ?”

7. SHODAN (A female-presenting AI that, according to Empire, is the "most terrifying, psychologically disturbingly evil mastermind in video games.)

"Welcome to my DEATH MACHINE, hacker! A pathetic creature of meat and bone. Panting and sweating as you run through my corridors. How can you challenge a perfect immortal machine?"

8. RAYNE (This half-vampire, half-human is a multimedia force)

“I need your men to understand something, I have spent my whole like tracking down the undead, and I promise you that it’s about to get fucking serious.”

9. Vespar (3,000 yr old wise dragon, cautious, deliberate)

"I know why you have come. The answers you seek do not lie within these walls. I cannot tell you why the quest falls upon you, but you were chosen for a reason. Search deep inside yourself and you’ll find the answers you seek. But have caution, for not all embrace the truths they discover."      

10. Alastaire (50-60 yr old evil witch/warlock with sinister ambitions and quick wit)

"You fool! Did you really think that you could banish me? How do you think you got here tonight? Every move you’ve made has been according to my plan. You’re here because I want you here, and now there’s no escape. This throne will be mine!"

11. Ezra (20’s, slick seducer/seductress always angling to get what they want)

"Of course I’ll let you out, I can’t bear the thought of you locked away in there forever. From the moment I met you, I knew you were special. There’s something between us, I know you feel it too. Give me the talisman, and I’ll set you free. Give it to me, and then we can be together forever."

12. Logan (20’s-30’s, brave heroine who believes in a better world)

"You all might not think this planet is worth saving, but I do. This is our home, and I’m not going down without a fight. There’s more of us than there are of them...if we stand together, we might just have a chance! Let’s show them what this world’s made of."

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