Male/ Female - Genuine and kind of dorky. 20 - 30’S  Young but trying to come across authoritative / British Accent

“Well, I’m sure you wouldn't know it if you saw it. It takes years of training to be able to pick up on these kinds of clues.”

Male/ Female - Mid-Atlantic voice/ mid 50’s Cold / Calculating / Sublime / Terrifying / Manipulative / Calm

“To stand in her way is an unforgivable sin. She will punish anyone – angel, demon or mortal – who defies her. These punishments are often cruel and calculated, designed to bring emotional or physical torment to her enemies”.

Female - Tomboy 20 - 30’s /confident/cracks under stress/ a bit demonic

“All systems green! Everything is …. Actually working…. Sweet. Ready for some Fun? OKAY time to bust some skulls for Mama”

Male /Female - 30 - 40’s Trained as an assassin since childhood, she has a pessimistic nature.

“I don't want to be anyone's successor. I just want to be free. Has your dagger not tasted enough blood already!? But this is the first time...I've ever felt afraid. lose you.”

Male / Female - 18 - 20’s Unflappable Leader / deep down wants to be liked by everyone.  

"Thank you for your time. You may leave us now, we'll handle the rest...and don't worry. This won't be the last you'll hear of this”.

Male / Female - Mid 20 - 40’s/ Demon/Ambitious and somber

“Still hesitating my friend? There’s only one thing I want. How much longer are you going to wait for the gods to answer you? I need your response…NOW (evil laugh)"

Female - Mid-late 20’s / Confident Alto / Smooth / Flirty

“Do you know what trusting others and getting drunk both have in common? You always end up regretting it”

Male / Werewolf - 30’s-40’s

“Where I prowl, death follows. I smell vampire flesh. Your fear is delicious! SHRED THEM TO PIECES! ( howling and growling sounds)"

Male - 40’s’- 50’s / Peaceful / gentle and courteous / mysterious / wants to heal /curious 

“My dreams of  salvation will soothe your soul.  Breathe. Dream. Rest. I dream the final slumber. (Death rattle, sigh)”

Female - 30’s Voice: Deeper vocal spectrum, Alto range (not high pitched). Should sound grounded in reality.

“I don't care if you like me, this is about survival.This is going to be fun. Let's do it. In this world, killings become too easy. Did that hurt?”




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