1. Very low voice - Toxic energy-Emo type

B-6? More like "B-Six-Pack" 'cause I've got six cans of soda right here, ready for action! (BURP) and a Pee-Can just in case! BINGO! Oh my stars this is my (BURP) Lucky day!

2. Very low voice - Toxic energy-Emo type

Toxic femininity, my friends, is like a tiara of unhappiness. It's the unrealistic expectations society places on women to be, well, just about everything that's not them. Tall, skinny, sexy...happy spending all their money on botox and fat sucking! It's enough!

3. High voice - Slight NY - Ditsy

(Excitedly to herself) Oh, my gosh, Audrey, you're going on a date! He's cute, isn't he? I mean, he's no Brad Pitt, but he's got that adorable, nerdy thing...(Giggles) Just like what's his name in that Netflix movie with that girl from Hunger Games.

4. 30-40s Evil Male or Female

They call me the temptation of the night, a symphony of secrets and desires. (Whispers) Are you ready to dance with the darkness? I know I am...let's waltz together. It will be fun. 123, 123 

5. Southern Accent - Choir director/hand bells 

Tommy, you play the bells from the inside out, that’s how I became the 12-time National champion. Now you try…no not that way! Here, I'll show you again for the 100th time! Now watch. 

6. Similar to Fairly Odd Parents - Overprotective Mom or Dad

Max, I'll be patrolling the room tonight as the "Safety Avenger." No monsters will dare enter! I have my flyswatter ready to rumble and will smack anything that gets near my little angel. Here's one now! 

7. Yoga Treehugger - soothing voice

The power of plant relationships, Bob is inside you. Remember, when life gets tough, just talk to your plants. They will know how to talk back if you just listen. See? They are saying, I love you Bob...isn't that precious?

8. Older/creepy character - Gender Neutral 

(Creepy laugh) Get ready kids, because your hormones are about to turn into your personal stand-up comedians, and trust me, they've got some questionable material! Like the time when I went to a strip club and then....oh yes this is PG13 show, I forgot!

9. Video Game Character - Something tough/mean

(Catching breath from fighting) Every day is a battle, and I'm running out of time. (Pauses, determined) I won't let anyone, or anything, break me. (YELLS) Let’s do this! Let's take down these Mother F'ers and send them back to where ever they came from. 


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