Voice Masters

Voice Over Workshop for Teens & Kids

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  • Taught by Pro Level VO Talent & Teacher

    YOU are one powerful kid, probably a lot stronger than you know--with talents just waiting to be discovered! Guess what one of those superpowers is, PLAYING PRETEND?! Yeah, that’s right…It’s a superpower! And you’ve already got it! Did you know the voices on all of our favorite cartoons are created by voice actors? People with awesome imaginations just like YOURS...Pretty cool, right? Let’s put that super-powerful creativity to work! In this class, we’ll explore each of your unique strengths and grow new ones in the process! We’ll create a master tool belt of superpowers to help you on your way…

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    Class Size Limited to 12
    4 Consecutive Weeks : May 2, 9, 16, 23
    Mondays 4pm - 5:30pm PST
    Cost: $200  


    What We Will Cover:

    • Get ready to PLAAAAY! Create awesome characters you didn't know you had in you! You'll see where your super powerful strengths already lie and build characters that make your brilliant light shine even brighter!
    • Storytime! You get to read fun stuff AND bring it to life with your voice—how COOL is that?! Break down the material and learn how your super strengths fit the story.
    • You'll learn about the biz—the process from the audition to booking.
    • Mindset is a superpower too! Our uphills are opportunities to climb to new heights & get even stronger!
    • Learn about this super fun art form in a supportive environment while creating new friendships along the way!
    • Tag, you’re it! Improv, woohoo!!! A fun way of saying playing pretend, with games! You'll get to flex your imagination muscles with games and exercises to SUUUPPEERR stretch your superpowers!
    • What is your  "signature" voice for commercials? Students will also be introduced to commercial voice-over using copy from the real world!

    Work with the masters and become your own voice master!​

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