Voice Masters

Accents & Dialects for Voice Over: All Levels

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Taught by Award-Winning Casting Directors and Top Pro Level VO Talent

For the actor/voice-over actor who is looking to compete at the highest level in voice-over for accents and dialects. Get ready to work!

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4 Weeks: Oct. 18, 25 Nov. 1, 8 
Tuesdays 6pm - 9pm PST
Cost: $450 - Payment Plans Available
*No Pre-Req required but knowledge of Voice Over would be ideal


With the right techniques, learning accents and dialects is a lot easier than you think. Many actors struggle to recreate the sounds of a certain accent or dialect, applying phonetics or a certain “music” they’ve been told to imitate, only to feel that it doesn’t quite sound right, or that they don’t have the freedom or confidence in auditions or performances. 

This workshop aims to demystify accents and make them accessible to all. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, this workshop will give you a thorough and incredibly useful foundation of knowledge, tools, and techniques to learn to find your way into many dialects and accents with accuracy, authenticity, and freedom for all genres of voice-over.

What We Will Cover:

  • Global awareness of how accents function and a fresh understanding of a much simpler and focused way to approach them.
  • A new awareness of all the different muscle groups used to form various different accents.
  • Tools and techniques to make the learning of any accent or dialect a lot easier and a lot more accessible.
  • The skills to hear all accents in a new way and learn to physiologically reproduce them.
  • An overview of many accents and focused time spent with French, Middle-Eastern, and a 3rd accent of the class choosing.
  • Making sure the accents are authentic to you - learning to actually recreate an accent with your own instrument instead of “doing” a cartoon accent by imitating the music, etc
  • Learning to use accents first with your natural voice and then expanding them to character work.
  • Growing your confidence and ease with each accent we work on, as well as giving you much more independence to research and learn any accent on your own. 
  • A whole bunch of fun tips and tricks to make many accents so much easier.
  • You will leave these classes with a whole new level of ease, confidence, expertise, and a sense of delight around all accents and dialects!

Work with the masters and become your own voice master!​

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